Friday, 30 August 2013

Foodie Friday: Lunchbox - Are you ready?

That  Back to School craziness is almost upon us, and I, for one, am not looking forward to lunchboxes. I have many lunchy ambitions, but I suppose the terror about them is that:

1) in reality I don't find the time to create the bento-style packed lunch  of my dreams

2) when asked my kids always say they want crisps and a sandwich. It's almost like they want what everyone else has!!

Also, it does get more complicated the more you have to do per day. I am only on 2 a day, soon be 4 though when the youngest get to school, so I guess I better shape up soon. One of the best things I ever heard was my friend who makes all her sandwiches on Sunday night, then freezes them. That is a marathon session of 30 sarnies at a time. Phew.

While I was thinking about lunches I found this amazing post which says everything I wanted to and MORE. Life at the Zoo has pretty much said it all!

So I won't go into most of my ideas about lunch which are either a less good version of what's in that post, or no way as good!

But let me leave you with a little challenge for the next term. It's all about building a better lunchbox. One that is funner (I know, not a word) and more healthy. One that cements the individual bond between mother and child, not churn out same old same old. Ambitious? Well all the above might be so much guff, but I think that Iit might be a simple matter of substitutions ie better lunchbox foods replacing poor, overly familiar choices.

Over the next few weeks in my Friday posts I will be creating Items for a Better Lunchbox. If any of you have recipes and ideas which you like to use, I would LOVE to share posts from your blogs too, readers. 

Join me - on my LUNCHBOX CHALLENGE!!!! More to follow........
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