Friday, 23 August 2013

Foodie Friday: Delicious Sweetcorn and Blackberries!

But not eaten at the same time, no.... Now we are back from our holidays I am having fun times wrangling all three of the kids all day all week. Which as much as we love, is very tiring! Also sooo easy to slip into a kind of a rut eating-wise.

'Red Pasta' (ie penne with tomato puree squeezed on, ultimate laze meal)

When kids and I are in the kitchen we usually make cake, cake and MORE cake, which although delicious is naughty. So in order to celebrate the wonderfulness of fresh English things, I forced them to make a savoury food this time and we cooked Sweetcorn and Cheddar Scones. If I could have these for lunch OFTEN that would improve life. I think they are going on my Items for a Better Lunchbox list, which is something I will blog more about during term time, methinks. I got the recipe from Abel & Cole, who also supplied the sweetcorn.

Also, the first blackberries of the season are here, so we have been scouring our garden and local hedges. Yum! I love free food. We did not get around to cooking ours, because they are so difficult not to eat starightway, but my friend invited us for lunch last week and served a delicious Blackberry Almond Cake, which I would recommend as a taste combo that just hums happily 'Late Summer'. I think she found her recipe here at Confessions of a Bright Eyed Baker, it looks about right, and lovely photos too.

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