Sunday, 1 September 2013

Preparing for another baby... this time with fur

It has been a running joke amongst my friends that I will never stop having children or overcommitting myself because I can't resist a new project.

So imagine the elbow nudges and smirks when I announced we had seen some adorable kittens at the Blue Cross.

Actually I had been planning to get a cat but that had to be put on hold twice due to pregnancy and baby giving me too much dependence for the time being. Now, I finally feel it's the right time.

And just when I was feeling like that, a great combination of events resulted in my husband also admitting he wouldn't hate a pet after all, and me seeing this pair of cuties at the rescue centre. Boom. We Own Cats.

Sometimes things seem to happen as if they were always meant to.

So tomorrow,  we pick up our darlings from the place they're staying, after they've been fixed etc The kids and I have tried to make our previous unloved glory hole of a boot room into a shy cat haven.

I even sewed them a few little bits which I can't show you now because for some reason I am unable to download the picture.

A la prochaine

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