Monday, 15 April 2013

Pinterest Challenge - Twitter Cushion

Cushion making is something that I love doing but in general I don't. This is mainly because there are several ladies in my local area who have stalls making almost exclusively cushion related items and as I am in competition with them at craft fairs, I find making different stuff increases the interest in my stall. Machievellian? Or just ignoring a market? I do find that there's a limit to the amount of cushions and stuffed lavender hearts people will buy, and I have always had this terrible urge to swim against the tide...... However, this might be a wrong-headed approach as my bunting and owls (quote circa 2009: I will NEVER make bunting or owls) have been the most financially successful products I produce so there's a lesson in market forces for you!

Recently I was asked very nicely if I would do a children's craft party for a friend. Normally an instant nope, but I know the girl is super into sewing, and at 11 more than capable of using a sewing machine and keen to improve her skills. Apparently her friends also have some sewing smarts, so I was OK with providing some materials and know-how. It might be fun, and I do have a primary school teaching background so am not afraid of a small group of happy girls! They want to do cushions, I'll give them some applique tips, provide materials and templates, and encourage them to design their own. 

To get my creative juices flowing, I made a Pinterest board and thought it might be a good idea to make myself a cushion to get restarted on the old cushion making. 

So I am entering this little beauty into the Pinaddicts Challenge this month because it is a pinterest inspired piece. If you tune in tomorrow I hopefully will be posting a bit more on how I made it because it was a nice EASY project and good for scrap usage too, which we always like here at scrooge central. I have called it my Twitter cushion because after I made it I realised how good it would be as the prize in a giveaway I was planning to run on Twitter. So I'm afraid this cushion already has a new home. It's gone to Amy's Button Box who was the lucky winner of my 700 followers prize draw. Sorry!
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