Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Make It! Twitter Cushion Tutorial

Hi, yesterday I posted a picture of a cushion that I made, and thought that you might like to know how I did it. It is quite an easy one, and not hard to get a really smart result.

You will need:

A piece of base fabric, such as calico, which should the same width as your cushion pad and length should be the height of your cushion x2 plus 20cm. 
Four pieces of bias binding or wide ribbon each the width of your fabric
A simple motif (Very easy to find in Google or indeed in an embroidery book - or you could just trace around a shape you liked)
A piece of lightweight interfacing. Fusible is easier, but I give the method for non-fusible because that is what I had.
Scraps of fabric, similar weights.

What to do:

First prepare your cushion cover. Press each short end towards the RIGHT side, pin on your ribbon or bias tape and top stitch this at top and bottom.

Now lay the fabric over your cushion pad to determine where the centre is. This is where the front of your cushion will be. I also added bias tape at the top and bottom of my cushion front, which I added by simply pinning straight and topstitching on.

 Prepare your motif: Using a fabric pencil or similar, place the interfacing over your motif outline and trace. Then cut it out.

Prepare your patchwork: I have suggested doing this after the motif because it helps to know exactly what shape and size you need when planning your patchwork piece. I cut my scraps into roughly square or rectangular pieces, sewed them together on the machine, pressing regularly, until I had something the right size. Not very scientific!

Assembling the motif: Now lay the interfacing shape onto the wrong side of your patchwork. If you have fusible interfacing you can press now. If not, use pins. Cut around the shape leaving whatever seam allowance you feel comfortable with.  Clip all the curves. This is very important!

Get out your needle and thread and baste around the shape, turning in your edges neatly as you stitch them under. Satisfying. Don't be too finikity about the stitches. Feel free to use whatever super funky clashing colour you have. It's easier to take out that way!

Assembling the cushion: Pin the motif where you like on the cushion front. I chose dead centre but that's just me. I then machine stitched the motif on, and then (using a stitch ripper) removed the basting thread. I chose a pretty ordinary stitch for this one, but I did briefly consider a proper blanket stitch. The stitch you chose will change the character of the cushion, and I do like a nice hand done applique. But I was trying to be speedy!

Now, last but not least, fold the cushion right sides facing, with the centre front flat and the two pieces top and bottom overlapping. This makes the envelope your cushion cover will be. Fasten and stitch along the side edges. When you turn it out you should have a nice cushion cover. Stuff your pad inside. Does it look like this?


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