Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sewing a summer wardrobe

Every year I get this idea that I will make myself and the children lots of beautiful garments, and every year I just make NONE because I buy them at the supermarket instead (Mum, don't tut).

However, this year I have been watching The Great British Sewing Bee which if you haven't watched I would recommend to you highly. It has given me quite a bit of zeal for making clothes again, which I had lost recently. The link above is to the BBC iPlayer website, so you can watch the episodes so far RIGHT NOW if you UK based. Do it....

Anyway, I have in mind the following projects:

A) Making an A-Line Skirt - I have one I love, so I would like to try and copy it by drafting my own pattern. Eeek. I can do this.

B) Making some dresses for myself - finishing a 1960s one I started ages ago (it's actually a maternity pattern but that should just translate as comfy - *hopes*), and a lovely simple stretchy Casual Lady from Go To Patterns. Actually that will be a challenge as I don't as a rule use knits.

C) Embellishing some t-shirts for the girls - apparently we wants one with a rocket on, but girly. Obviously such a thing is not in the shops. Also I am a bit obsessed with Mini Boden but I can't afford to splurge all the time on their lovely t-shirtings.

D) Beach dresses. I have another Go To Pattern for kids jersey dresses, and I will make some. Maybe not this summer, as this list is now loooong. My eldest is constantly growing though so she *might* get one.

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