Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cute and Quick Personalised Decorations

If you are constantly enchanted with your children's drawings, have a scanner (or maybe use a photo, or a drawing they did on a computer programme), some freezer paper and a printer that isn't too temperamental, then you can whip up some glorious decorations. I'm sure my daughter's teacher will treasure this one we made for her for ever (she is apparently dressed as a queen although I never got to the bottom of why..). I did a picture tutorial today. Enjoy!

NB: Printing onto freezer paper - if you have never done this before there is an excellent step-by-step on the Crafterhours blog which I recommend you look at. Once you have tried it you will love it! I hope. I accept no responsibility for printers not loving it (sorry! but that's how it is!!)

Scan, Iron, Print


Sew - see note below!

Stuff and GiFT!

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