Friday, 8 October 2010

Folksy Friday - Man's Best Friend

I have been in two minds this week whether to do my usual FF with a theme or stick to promoting the October Fest Folks. But I love my selection on the theme of dogs this week so I couldn't resist showing you the cute things I have found, and then at the weekend I can go back to the Folksy promotion. I also have a great new Folksy shop to showcase on Sunday, but you will have to wait til then. And then it'll be on my Facebook page not here! 

Tartan Scotty Christmas Tree Decoration by Made by Dolly (Me!!)
Black Scotty dog cushion from Sara Tierney  
Puppy Bone Toy from Bambi's Boutique 
Wooden Scottie Puzzle from Dach Craft
Wonky Dog Albert from Cherry Tree Handmades
Terrier Pill Box from Kettle of Fish

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