Monday, 11 October 2010

Eggstremely Busy Hands

Queen Eggwina and Prince Eggward
Just recovering from dashing hither and thither at the weekend, ballet lessons, buying beds, all the usual things spare time is taken up with! What a good idea we had on Saturday morning to fortify ourselves with a delicious egg. And then spent a little family time decorating them with faces. I would recommend this as an eggsellent (geddit) thing to do to entertain the smalls during relaxing weekend breakfasts. Because children don't do reading the newspaper over a slow coffee!

My week needs to get going now as I have a few days worth of listings to catch up on for Folksy as well as the usual housework (whistles - what is that?). I have a few more of my black scotty brooches that need a home, including this lovely fellow with a red collar as seen below. Anyhoo the sun is shining and I could always just go out and knit in the beautiful autumn sunshine!!!

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