Friday, 20 June 2014

Catching Up

Yes I am officially a terrible blogger. My updates have been hampered by a distinct lack of access to 'the big computer', although I have been managing (just) to keep on top of social media via phones etc.
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Anyway, onto the tadpolios.

Our tadpole experiment went very well, and up until they turned into froglets we had successfully kept them happy and alive. Until the beginning of June.....

As it turns out, the froglet stage is tricky. Unless you provide them with enough places to get out, they are actually very easy to drown. They need to breath air, and are very fragile. They can get trapped, and they will insist on looking for the waters edge in the tank. As soon as I realised that they were in distress I changed the whole tank layout by taking out alot of the water and pushing all the gravel to the sides, leaving the large pebbles in the middle, so that where ever they swam to, they could climb out of the water. Still, we lost one, which was a sad thing to have happen at the breakfast table. Still, as inexperienced froglet nannies, I was pleased we realised soon enough to keep the others going. After that, they kept climbing up the aquarium walls, and we had to release them into the overgrown area next to the pond they came from. I cried! I have been there a lot since but seen no frogs. I hope some of the little guys make it to adulthood.

On a professional level May/June has been a rather exciting couple of months, you may have seen me on TV and not realised. Watch this space as I will have to put up a post all about that in a little while.

Bye for now x 

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