Friday, 20 June 2014

Exciting developments

Exciting things are afoot at Dolly Towers. Last month I was very priviledged to be invited to take part in the shooting of a TV advert for Etsy, the US based website I use to sell my creations on. They are having a publicity push in this country and invited 67 UK makers to take part. Obviously we British crafters are a good looking bunch!

A whole load of us took the time to travel up to London and it was such a fun day, especially meeting all the other Etsy sellers, who made such an amazingly diverse array of things. 

The advert aired for the first time last week on Channel 4 but it is also showing on Sky I think. You may have seen it! You can YouTube it (my special version) here

You can browse the items made by all the brilliant UK sellers on Etsy who took part in the advert in this section of the Etsy website

My owlie checking out the competition

Mr Lunaonthemoon and Jojo Hapuska

He's putting up my bunting!

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