Thursday, 8 May 2014

More new additions and Introduction to TADCAM

As if our menagerie weren't large enough, our oldest daughter is always 'finding' new pets for us, Gerald Durrell style ( if you have read My Family and Other Animals you will know what I mean).

So last week we found ourselves to be the proud owners of an aquarium full of tadpoles. As she, thankfully, has been researching how to create an environment in which the little things are likely to survive, we were only subjected to 6. Also, before you ask! They are from our own pond, which is pretty deep so I'd rather they weren't hanging around it trying to observe the tadpoles in their natural habitat every 5 minutes. Particularly my accident prone 2 year old. 

I find them fascinating, but lets be realistic, any pet an 8 year old brings home is basically going to be looked after by the adults minimum 80% of the time. Also, she mysteriously has homework whenever it comes to cleaning tanks etc as I found out when we used to keep snails. Funny, she never mentions the homework at TV time, or when the weather is sunny, or at the weekend.

Now our wriggly little friends are living the high life in the kitchen, and I will keep you updated as they grow into tiny adorable, slimy, escapy (supress thought) froglets.


Tadpole Status: black blobs with "evil eyes" apparently. Long tails, little wiggly nubs where the legs will be

Food: boiled lettuce chopped fine and frozen daphnia which the man in the fish shop conned me into buying advised me to feed them

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