Friday, 2 May 2014

Where Cats and Children Intersect

I currently own two fur babies as well as three human ones, and the similarities between them astonish me. 

They all demand food from me as soon as the dawn has appeared with NO REGARD for the clock. I lock the furry children in the utility room at night because I became jaded at the sound of someone scratching up my bedroom carpet at 5.45am. But that only buys around 30 minutes extra sleep because at about 6.15am either someone will creep into bed blaming 'bird noises' for waking them or someone else will take out my eye with the corner of a book they NEED reading to them. No amount of ire has so far deterred them. 

They are all emotional wrecks. Most children have a sleepy time toy and mine are no exception, but even my cats have a security blanket! At the Rescue Centre we were provided with a fleece blanket that 'they were attached to'. For days we were telling the children off for moving the cats blanket until we caught one of the kitties dragging it through the house in her mouth, which it transpires they do whenever they can't find someone to stand next to. 

They all love a box. No matter what size or where it is, the cats will sit in it. Or the kids will sit in it. Or the cats and kids will try to gain supremacy over it. The children will write on it, and the cats will rub scent on it. The children will leave toys in it, the cats will leave their hideous blanket (see above) in it. Eventually, the children will move on, leaving the cats to enjoy the box. At which point, I will clear it into the recycling bin. I'm not a complete martyr.

They can't resist a toilet. What's that Mum? You want two minutes on your porcelain throne? Why thank you, we'd be delighted to join you. All of us. Why wouldn't there be space for two excited cats, a toddler holding a foam sword, a pre-school astronaut princess and an 8 year old reading aloud from Beast Quest in this little room?

I'm sure there are other similarities. So far, I can find few differences, apart from the fact that the cats always eat their food without complaining, and will happily spend all day outside in the garden without requiring a push on the swing. In fact they are the ideal companion. Remind me again why I have children? Only joking, I think.

Happy Bank Holidays x
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