Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bedroom Ideas: Wonder Woman

For some reason I keep seeing Wonder Woman related things recently. A female super hero revival is long overdue, as I am fed up of all the children at my daughters nursery being loopy about Batman and Superman. Come on small people, aren't you aware of how much choice there is? Being entirely a product of their environment, of course they aren't cogniscent of the immensity of the 'marvellous' superhero universe, so, let's help them out a bit. 

Here are my decorating ideas for giving your daughters bedroom a little Wonder Woman style makeover. It's all basically unisex and the same shop that make this brilliant Wonder Woman picture also do Superman etc so you could get several and really theme it up! I'm thinking a primrose yellow wall. And basically nothing that will be ruinous to replace when your own supergirl is "too mature" for cartoon ladies. Although that's never happened for me. How about you?

 I'm not being paid to write this post, it's just some shopping ideas. I have bought from some of these retailers in the past but please don't hold me responsible for any dealings you have with them, thanks.
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