Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wooly Wednesday - Tyrolean Jackets

OMG is it already Wednesday? This is bad news! It means I have lost half a week and not done much in the way of anything (apart from getting children to school every day, feeding family, keeping house, gardening etc, natch.)

Today I will be showcasing a sweet pattern I found in the bottom of a pile of things my granny gave me. Not that old, but definately retro - a lovely 80's tyrolean style jacket for Mummy and Me. In fact, I am pretty sure that my mother did have this jacket.

The styling of the photo is cheesy, the skirts are awful ( I had several like this when I was about 17 so obviously  I hate them now) but something in me is loving this very lady-like shawl collar and embroidery affair. Luckily I am exempt from trying to make it as no woman as pregnant as I am looks good in a draw string waist. Phew. 

from 'Hermit Family Favourites'
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