Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Knitting projects on the go

Now the winter has started I have been enjoying getting my knitting out again - it always goes on the back burner, like everything else, when the weather is fine. Also, knowing there is a baby on the way helps me get around to finishing things! I have recently finished a pair of boot socks that have been knocking around the knitting basket for ages, and am halfway through a nice cosy hat for myself. If I like the way the hat turns out I will knock out a few more for Christmas presents. 

My most cherished current knitting proj is a baby jumper from the BBC Knitting Fashion book (c1975!), hopefully for my own forthcoming winter baby. I wanted a fairisle look, but without the work, so I went for this self patterning wool. I have managed to finish the back and it's turning out really nicely so far, what do you think? Here's a picture too from the original pattern which shows the neckline. I'm making mine in a slightly samller size hopefully 0-6m. My last two babies were big ones, so no point making teensy jumpers! 

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