Saturday, 25 June 2011

Wobbly Teefs

This whole week has been consumed (at times quite literally - see below) by The Saga of The Wobbly Teeth. DD1 was very excited when she found that both her lower front teeth were wobbling. A few children in her class have lost teeth, and some of her friends are currently sporting gaps so losing teeth could not come quickly enough for her! Anyhow, after some time telling everyone about the teeth, refusing apples ('mummy, pleeeeese cut it up its hurting my wobbly teef') and worriting them in the mirror it seemed that we were ready to LOSE THE FIRST TOOTH. All very excited (as she is my eldest her first tooth is significant for me, too) but then suddenly after her meal two days ago - it was gone........ She had managed to eat it along with the beans on toast. Yum!

After some terrible dejected moping we convinced DD to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining what had happened, and Lo and Behold, She was gracious enough to give 50p in lieu.

Now today  the second wobbly tooth has come out properly (I think DD might have pulled it out herself - ew) I have provided this little tooth pillow so that she can keep her tooth in style - until tonight. The only question is: does the Tooth Fairy pay more for an actual tooth? Or is it a flat rate? Arg! Parenting Manuals never touch on these thorny questions.

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