Saturday, 13 August 2011

Whew blog is bit behind!

What with all the business of the past two months I suddenly realised that I have been neglecting my blog! Sorry if there was anyone in cyberworld waiting for my latest update - actually I doubt it but I know I have a few visitors who deserve new things. Proper new things will have to wait for later but here is a list of reasons/excuses why I have not been blogging:

Health - My 18m old daughter was given a last minute slot for her long awaited heart operation. She got through it brilliantly but I was a nervous wreck!

School - Seemed like there wasn't a week without an end-of-term event or whatnot to help with. Burnt midnight oil making a squirrel costume for the Village Carnival (Eldest daughter wore this not me!!). Cakes for Toddler Group End of Year Party. Meetings about previous. Meetings about next year's Toddler Group (am Chair - arg!?)

Holidays - I did squeeze in 9 days in France with the rellies. Don't shoot me, I needed it!!

Anyway - so much for that. Sometimes it's just too sunny to blog.

Watch this space (I am back) and in the next few weeks we'll have lots on 'Dealing with a Plum Glut', 'Making Satin Sashes for Bridesmaids', 'Panicking about oncoming third baby' etc etc etc


Shame you can't see the tail which was a masterpiece I tell you

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