Monday, 6 June 2011

Magpie Monday - Best. Book. Ever

Tra La La. I own Practical Knitting! So I don't know really how much this counts as a magpie find, as I didn't buy it, I was given it by my mum who is having a clear out. Anyway, it came to me gratis so that's in the spirit, right?

This fabulous 1940's knitting book was originally owned by my grandmother, I think her mum bought it for her when she left home(?) It has ladies, gents and childrens patterns in. I think that the bast part is that there are three whole chapters at the back explaining how to modify the paterns in terms of size, colour and stitch to suit your own tastes. Which is a nice change from modern patterns which basically say 'do it like THIS or you'll screw it up!'. It is my new bible. Shame that I will not be able to make myself any of the lovely slim fitting jumpers for another 9 months or so - no point. Luckily there is a large baby section. Now where did I put my 4-ply ...?

My mum remembers wearing this exact vest. Itchy!
I do plan to make this delightful hatty scarf

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