Monday, 9 May 2011

Magpie Monday - An introduction

As rummaging in the locale and picking up interesting things is something I love, I thought that I would start taking part in the Magpie Monday blog hop hosted by Me And My Shadow. At least then I can show off things I've found rather than simply hoarding them!

Me and My Shadow

This week I have got a bit of a gem, but sadly can't find my camera so I have had to scan it instead -  I was at my local Thrifty Finds shop looking for some vintage textiles to give me some inspiration for what I am going to make next, when I saw a lovely tray cloth embroidered on both ends with a romantic lady. Such a sweet thing, but, as a tray cloth, pretty unlikely to get used. If I can bear to cut it, I will make it into a sweet make-up purse. If not, it will live in my sewing room looking dainty!!

Finally I would like  to ask any fellow magpies what they would use these for - I bought this incomplete french  game from the 1960s because I completely fell in love with the wonky printing and slightly worn look to the whole thing - I am sure I can put the little cards to good use but what? Shall I scan them in and have them printed up as fabric? Or sell them to a scrapbooker? Or just keep them to goad my children into learning French?

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