Sunday, 8 May 2011

Green Fair 2011

Spent a lovely fun-filled afternoon at the South Downs Green Fair. The idea I suppose was to have a look around and get some new ideas about green living, meet some people, eat food. Of course, we did manage some of that but 80% of my time was spent:

1) In the craft tent helping DD make a butterfly costume including elaborate tissue-paper wings
2) Returning to the tent to mend the tissue paper wings after they broke in the wind
3) Carrying the (unwieldy, fragile) tissue-paper wings after DD got sick of wearing them
4) Waiting in the queue for face painting shouting 'don't push in' 'don't push in' (at own child!)
5) Toiling around the fair as part of the 'Children's Flower Parade' with a now hot tired and fed-up butterfly

Amongst all this I didn't get any further in my quest to find out about solar panels and neither did I get to visit my friends yurt, which was one of my main objectives for the day. Sigh. Mustn't grumble. She was so hungry when we got home she ate pesto without complaining. Result.

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