Monday, 24 January 2011

Motto Monday - Too many books?

Not so much a motto as a wry quote this week, from the fantastic Bookity. I was sent the 'BBC book list' recently (although where this list originates from, if not the BBC seems to be a matter of blogger debate!) and I was pleased to discover that I had read many of the list of classics. Until I found out that no-one I knew had read as many as me, then I just felt like a swot. Wooo there was an unwelcome feeling of nostalgia.Of course, my diet of classic literature was heavy during my school days because I was at home a lot (make of that what you will) and as I have no time at all now even for finishing a magazine, I guess that over time it will even out. Also, teenagers be warned - a lot of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte at a young age does give you, ahem, unrealistic romantic expectations! Because if there's one thing a 16 year old boy ISN'T, it's Mr Darcy! 

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