Friday, 10 December 2010

Folksy Friday - 'Made'ns

Although I sometimes wonder if I could have come up with a more exciting name for my business than 'Made by Dolly', I have noticed that there are so many other sellers using the word 'made' in inventive and interesting or just sensible ways that I thought I would do a FF on simply that - sellers who have the word 'made' in their name. Why not? It's my birthday, I don't have to be clever all the time because I need to go and drink my party wine in a minute!

Hannah Madden/Hanmade
Robin on a Bobbin

Made by Lolly
Felt Flower Ruffle Brooch

Made by Sami
Puppet Beaded Bracelet

Red Knit Brooch

Made by Dolly
Chicken Coop Bib

Made by Kate
Little Monster Wall Sticker

If the formatting looks all weird I'm sorry!
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