Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pattern Wednesday - Fairisle for the Fellas

Back in August I started trawling through the stash of old patterns from magazines that I was given. Having failed all summer to get around to downloading any, I thought that I would begin again in a more structured way - ha ha. Every wednesday (or so I plan) I will share one of my downloaded patterns. Usually knitting. Usually a 1960's or 70's magazine clipping. It is a real shame that in most cases I don't even know which magazine they came from, and the knitwear designer is so rarely credited. So spare a small thought for the unsung hero/heroine of the needles when you are enjoying the fruits of my Pattern Wednesdays!!

The first one is Fairisle for the Fellas, a 1940's inspired V Neck Fairisle tank or sweater for Monsieur.
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