Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Where does the time go? I have been completely wrapped up in the Folksy October Listings Club, which seems to have eaten a whole month and now I turn round to find the world deep into Autumn. Clocks have gone back, making every evening seem so long, but the children seem to be sleeping better which has to do with it being properly dark at bedtime. Hooray!

I have so many things planned for this month! Specifically:
1) Spray paint some old picture frames I've hoarded white to create a display of family photos
2) Make up cushions for the lounge, I bought some Brompton Road fabric which is so cool.
3) Spray paint loads of fir cones for Christmas (I can leave this but I figured I'd have a massive spray painting sesh!!)
4) Craft Fairs? I am supposed to be booked into some, but childcare is proving an issue.
5) Make a Christmas Pudding/Cake (When is Stir-Up Sunday, exactly?)
6) Knit daughters new jumpers  - again I have the materials, but the flesh is weak.
7) Make a dinosaur toy out of Pirate fabric (it's a commission, I'm getting paid for this I guess it is theoretically No 1 but I only just remembered it)

Ahhh must stop I am scaring me.

Here for soothing purposes is a photo of the fabric I mentioned above.
See the subtle background detail? It's a bit less subtle in real life! 
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