Friday, 22 October 2010

Folksy Friday - Trick or Treat?

Firstly a quick honourable mention to the following blogs for including some of my items, why not have a squizz? Thanks Accidental Vix and Uniquely Yours.

Halloween is almost upon us and you just about have time to buy yourself or the smalls some fun halloween items (after all, it's just an excuse to dress up and have fun, right?). But if Halloween is really not your thing, why not just treat yourself to a present that celebrates the sunny side of life?

Zombie Brains Headband
by Janine Basil

Little Sock Bunny
by OddSox
Halloween Labels
by Crafty Pagan

Autumn Sunshine Charm Bracelet
by Lou Lou's Little Luxuries

Mr and Mrs Frankenstuffy
by Loop Da Loop

Love Bird Brooch
by Buttercup Boutique

Clay Witches 
by Mudmeddling
Pink Fairy 
by The Twisted Fairies
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