Thursday, 17 June 2010

More bib photos and a 'happy' pea face

Still onwards with the prototypes phase of my production and this time a simple bib shape that I am trialling. It has one fastening on the shoulder. The one in the picture has the worst ever buttonhole finishing! Also a terribly dodgy bit of stitching at the shoulder seam but let that be a lesson to me. But on the positives I like the shape, it is not as all enveloping but still covers down the front well enough, and looks a bit quirky opening where it does.

My bib tester and general cutester has been trialling a number of new foods this week. BLW has met with reticence on all fronts apart from mine, but she seems to love spoon feeding?!? Latest success was pea and pear mixture but you wouldn't know it from the face.
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