Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bunnies! and Funnies

Got more than a few thoughts to catch up on at the moment. Just when I was getting organised I was struck down by a tummy bug BAH HUMBUG. But I am better now and have got a bit of time so here's all my nuggets (har har) from the past week.

First merely another spotting. On the lawn this week, we have mostly been watching...bunnies! The most gloriously cute baby bunny has been nibbling the grass outside our window and melting our hearts. Daughter's love of rabbits was in full flow until she realised that they were the ones eating her seedlings and probably the strawberries too. Now she says crossly 'Stupid Nibblers'.

On the subject of nibblers, we have been continuing to try weaning the baby, who resolutely refuses to eat any finger food, but can successfully negotiate a spoon into her mouth. So here is the latest snap of her trying the technique known to the BLW fraternity as 'The Loaded Spoon'. I am obviously not managing to do this whole self-feeding thing properly as it's meant to be a non-pureeing adventure, but at least she is enjoying herself. Her skin will be lovely too after all that porridge smeared on it!

'But what..' I hear you enquire, 'of the sewing?'. I gave myself a blister cutting out fabric on Saturday and have now purchased a large amount of fibrefill, so now I have recovered from my lurgie you should see some more activity on this front. Promise. As long as I don't get side tracked.... and I have to finish sewing sequins onto some tabards for the Pre-School Carnival Float first.

How about this? Weeks Target: Finish at least 1 thing, put it on Folksy.
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