Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Why you might think about buying Handmade this Christmas

Shockingly, as it does not seem like more than a week since the summer, it is mid-November and there is little more than a month until my favourite holiday. I have already plugged CraftFEST which is happening over on Creative Connections at the moment, and obviously, that is because I have a stall over there, but please do consider popping over to buy some handmade goodies as Christmas presents. I have made a Top 3 reasons why I feel you should:

1. Handmade products have travelled less far to be with you - even if the raw materials have come from overseas, the final product comes direct from the maker in your own country, it has not been shipped and frieghted hither and thither across the country from warehouse to depot. 

2. Handmade products have been made using traditional and sustainable skills 

3. Handmade product purchasing supports local/regional economies rather than putting money in the hands of large global enterprise, who often filter money and resources away from where they are needed. 

There are so many other reasons - not least that you can get a really cute unique gift for a reasonable price that doesn't "cost the earth".

Happy browsing x 

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