Friday, 11 October 2013

Make It! Old-fashioned Sugared Rosepetals

After discovering the joys of looking through recipe books, my daughter asked recently if it was possible to eat flowers - after all, here they were decorating salads and cakes in  this book. Although slightly contradictory to my careful messages about 'what is food/what is not food' we went with the suggestion, and tried making sugared rose petals. 

I remembered making these with my mother quite a bit (not sure why!? She is not a fancy cake maker) and they are, as it turns out, quite easy to make. Although, they use uncooked egg white so if egg is a problem in your house, be warned!

You need:

Edible Petals, such as Rose. Choose some nice shapely ones from the middle of the rose.
Egg white
Caster sugar
Two plates/shallow bowls
Lined tray or clean plastic board


You can wash the petals lightly then shake dry if you need to.
Put the egg white and caster sugar onto two plates/wide shallow bowls .
Holding the petal lightly dip both sides into the egg white, then into the sugar.

Leave on your tray/board to dry for at least an hour. We used to put ours in the airing cupboard but mine dried out fine in the kitchen this time. I guess the key is to dry them somewhere not too humid.

Lovely lovely on top of little cupcakes, not so great just eaten on their own!!

We made some Apple and Rosewater Cakes to put these on, an entirely made up cake recipe derived from my need to use up apples and the existence of the sugared rose petals. They turned out very tasty, and what they hey, I'll post up that recipe if you like.

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