Monday, 21 October 2013

Make It! DIY Cat Toys

As much as I love my little cat guys, I do resent how much one might pay for a cheaply produced cat toy, if you went out to buy such a thing. Our kittens love to play, like the children do, with boxes, the wet washing, jingly things etc, but to prevent them destroying the house (that is, both children and cats) sometimes toys are a good answer. 

To welcome my new cats home, my children and I put together some simple cat toys we have had endless fun with.

We made two types of toy, a Cat Wand and some Mice.

You need a range of ribbon, or scrap fabric strips,
craft feathers (or collected from garden?),
string (here we used out string from the veg box),
a bamboo cane
and some sort of ball. This is an old golf practice ball, which worked very well.

You need some more scrap fabric
a piece of string or ribbon for tail
some stuffing - toy stuffing/wool work best but you could also add some catnip
sewing kit

I have made a sort of pattern to download free here. Apologies for scrappy hand drawn-ness of it, I don't have the correct software or know-how to make a better one....

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