Friday, 26 July 2013

Make It! Fun Peg Dolls

We love making peg dolls! The ones in this tutorial were made by myself, and my sweet girls. They did a great job, I hope you will agree.

What you will need:

Old fashioned wood pegs. I got ours from a craft shop.
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Cocktail Stick or very small brush
PVA Glue
Scraps of fabric and ribbon, buttons etc

Also useful, a shoe box/lid you can slot the pegs onto to dry them upright.


To fit the skirt better, sew a running stitch around the central hole before you put it on the doll.
You can cut out little collars etc to add to the dolls, and embellish. Just use lots of clear drying PVA and it's not very hard. Although your kids will get very sticky.....

I have entered this in the Pinaddicts Challenge this month, because I have been pinning Peg Dollies like crazy lately. Come look at my Dolly Daydreams board on Pinterest full of dollspiration!

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