Tuesday, 23 July 2013

End of Term Again

Teacher gifts. Teacher gifts? Always a chore as although we LOVE our kids teachers, and we KNOW they don't want 32 boxes of chocs, it's still soooo hard not to just crack on with gifting them a box of Milk Trar!

This year I made some large pencil case type efforts, zipped and lined. Not setting the world on fire but hey, teachers need a lot of stationery, right? Also, I do love that Marmalade range, so pretty.

Not much help now, but for next time (winks - let's get organised, eh?) I did a tutorial a little while back about making little christmas decorations using your kids pictures, which could easily be turned into lavender bags if you stuff them with, well, lavender.

Locally, I had a whole bunch of teacher gifting things selling. They never made it to my online shop because I sold them all to people at a craft fair and then via personal orders (gotta love Facebook). I think I am wearing out the lavender bag path now for my daughters teacher, but other kids can give them, fine. I also sold some apple cards, and a few personalised versions of the lavender bags. Quite pleased with those, I will keep that design for my shop next year though, it was very popular!

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