Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bunting Cards Actually

Just popping in, to show you some bunting cards that I have actually made this week. Inspiring myself again! Also, I was desperate to sew but really am just snatching moments here and there, which makes starting any decent project problematic. Fabric stitched cards are always my go-to project in these situations, they keep well for fairs and are always useful to have around too!

On the same session I had an urge to try some washing line scrap doodles, and they turned into these baby laundry cards. Cute!

Facebook turned out to be a good friend to me on this occasion too, because no sooner had I put these pics up to show my friends what I'd been up to, than orders started coming in. Obviously stitched cards are something people might want. Which is great for me because I can make them from all those tiny bits of fabric I love too much to chuck in the bin. Yes, my name is Dolly and I have a problem - bulging drawers of scraps!

Before stealing in duting naptime to paste up this post, I've been out at the fabric shop - couldn't resist a delightful bee print from Andover Fabrics Locally Grown collection, it's a nice simple range and I think that the online pictures don't do it justice as the blue is a much more vintage - y muted colour in the real thing.

Only one FQ, not as naughty as I could have been - just getting some flesh coloured elastic to finish off the Tinkerbell Costume. But I think that is another post coming soon................

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