Monday, 11 February 2013

The business of small business

It's been a busy old few weeks here, as it always is prior to a craft fair. But always rather an anti-climax on the day, as very few craft fairs feel wildly successful. I never quite sell enough to take that sceptical look off my husbands face. And I have never managed to shake off that incredulous feeling that people want to spend real human money on my creations!

I had a few new lines this time, and some sewn cards, which were fun and quick to make, but sold well. I think that I can definately see myself doing more of those, as they also use up a lot of tiny scraps. I have a few sack fulls of similar tiny scraps - I can't bring myself to throw fabric no matter how small the piece! I always think - 'I could make a scrap quilt/use it for applique'. I'm not sure how knackered my machine will get if I use it to sew cards, but it seems to cope! No appliance can live at my house without consigning itself to a life of hard labour. Also, if not machining them, I can always hand sew the things in front of the telly of an evening. I love projects I can do in front of the telly as most evenings lately the sewign room has been freezing. Sewing my fingers raw in a garrett is only tempting on nights when the football fans have overrun the remote control. 

Other items that I had for sale (and didn't sell - this time - so frustrating not being able to predict what people will buy!) were some more little brooches. Here is a photo of the little blighters - another handsewn under-a-wintery-blanket make - I shall be listing them in my shop now I think - a good Mother's Day item?

 I am thinking of doing the Craft FEST in March - does anyone have any idea of what this is like? I have plenty of stock now..........

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