Saturday, 23 February 2013

Making bread

What more pleasant way of making you feel like a total domestic godess is there than making bread?! I have to admit that I did not have any ambitions towards becoming a bread maker until after Great British Bake Off, but like many people have had my inner stonebaked fire kindled by watching all those other amateur cooks struggling with their proving, kneading etc. I nearly almost bought Paul Hollywoods book 'How to Bake', but then my inner scrooge kicked in. For now I will satisfy myself with the advice on the side of the flour packet.

Anyway, I was doing this with kids so an hour of rising in the airing cupboard was all the patience they could muster. Satisfied that the dough would rise, although dissapointed it did not rise as much as the dough in Henry Hugglemonster (?!sigh) the kids were happy to prod, pummel and finally eat our slightly yeasty tasting 'delicious' homemade bread (dough balls - I made tiny ones! I am into miniature food at the mo' to the horror of Mr D).

NB: If that picture confuses you you need to realise they decided to make rabbit shaped bread.
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