Saturday, 23 February 2013

English Patchwork: Hand-pieced Teacosy WIP

I am trying out a few new things at the moment, trying to concentrate on creating a range of items for my shop that do have the eclectic handmade aesthetic that I like, whilst being, um, *cough* (whispers) commercial. Also it was part of my stated aim this year that I would develop and nurture the skills that I do have. 

So here I present for you a WIP - I have sold lots of simple tea cosies but I thought I would try doing my fave hexagonal hand stitched patchwork as a tea cosy. I am using scraps for this one as it's my prototype and also will go into my kitchen so I can see all those tiny pieces of favourite fabrics past.

Hand Piecing is such a time consuming but theraputic thing to do. And a great take along lap project (before you get to the major construction stage!). Here are a few shots where you can clearly see the basting I have used to keep the fabric attached to the paper. I am nearly finished constructing the fabric sections. Then I will post some more pics of how I complete this project. Bet you can't wait ;-). 

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