Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Blog Neglect - and some Vintage Pattern Love

Yes, I am guilty. I have realised with a shock that it has been months since my last outside broadcast. Of course, I am still a bit on the old FaceBook but shame, shock, chagrin, I have hardly touched this blog. So apologies if you have been checking in, although I don't really know if anyone has...............

Tonight is Halloween, but I will ignore that for now (it's not a big event around here. If I get one Trick or Treater straggling up the lane they will deserve a mug of cocoa and a blanket as much as some sweets).

I am mainly here on Tinterweb to show off my latest aquisition in the Vintage Pattern stakes, this amazing girls smocked party dress. If I can get off my petooty and finish all the MBD Christmas orders in advance I will try and make one but it will have to be a gift to someone with a teeny girl - the patterns in Size 1 only and both my girls are too long and tall for this style. The 6 yr old looks like a standard lamp these days, in a frilly skirt. Luckily Baby T has several under 1 yr girlbabyfriends so......

I like the pink gingham version with the bigger bow at the back - that's a tongue twister - but these are all really short hey. Very full skirts too - need some matching knickers I reckon - cute!
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