Thursday, 5 July 2012

Making little clothes

What could be more fun and rewarding than making little clothes? I have a few recently finished/started (not guaranteed to finish before they're grown out of, sadly) projects that I though I would put up here on the interweb for some admiration/approbation. Feel free to comment!

Fairisle Tank. From a 1970's pattern so its a bit short in the body but a nice easy one. I am digging this fairisle look wool, and it turns out that a mixed colour is really practical as it shows up the stains less (and there are a lot of stains).

Sunhat. It's a Butterick Pattern and the first proper hat I've sewn. Despite the brim seeming quite excessive, It is good on a sunny day and features piratical exterior (sorry again my model is not particularly biddable) and contrast red ties.  I have actually also made a matching dungaree romper in the stripe with pirate straps and mismatching buttons. But no photo of that yet as the weather has now turned crazy with raining and wind and I have been otherwise occupied taking photos of the fallen down trees to send to Mr Loss Adjuster. Boo!

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