Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday Mixtures

Hi everyone. I have been promising myself to get around to more regular posts - and in fact I have been meaning to stick my oar into Lizzie B's Magpie Monday more often so here duely is my contribution to that first, with some other updates to follow - read on!

Have been scouring the junk shops, antiques charity shops and second hand emporiums of my locale recently iwht a view to getting MORE TIDY. SO, storage solutions, that kind of thing. Herewith is my latest purchase, which is a lovely basket from a charity shop, only £6. I think it is actually intended as a picninc/wine basket - it has cute compartments. But sadly at my house it is living in shoe corner. Most of the childrens shoes are too small to sit on the shoe rack so this at least keeps them in the one place!

Me and My Shadow

Apart from strewing baskets around the house like a woman on a mission, I have had a lovely weekend showign off my garden to the public as part of a local Open Gardens scheme. So nervewracking! But no-one harangued me about the weeds so that was good! The little ones were also ecstatic to have over 100 visitors to our house in one day, mainly because my budding entrepreneurs were selling home-made biscuits. The idea was the eldest's; to do fundraising for the RSPCA. When she found out there was over £20 in her pot, the little minx stated she would rather keep it! A hard lesson in keeping promises ensues. 

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