Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Is It Still The Jubillee?

Look! I even have Jubillunting Oil Cloth, from Dunelm Mill. 
Happy Anniversary Ma'am and all that but as this is now the 5th day of national celebration around here I am a little fatigued. Plus I have run out of red, blue and white outfits. Did her Majesty stop to consider my laundry? I doubt  it.

It began on Friday with the School picnic/balloon release (Apparently, we must refer to this event as The Jubilloon Day) continued onto Saturday with a traditional Fete (complete with Patriotic Llamas and Union Jack becoated dogs - I kid you not). 

Sunday came, as did a Thanksgiving Service where my daughter was delighted to bellow out the National Anthem, which she has been constantly doing since she memoraised the words on Friday. Onto a Jubillar-be-que at the Village Hall (more bunting and cupcakes, less llamas). Monday - some respite although the children were barrelling around waving their Union Jack flags and wearing cardboard crowns, and now! Another Jubillar-be-que at a friends house later this afternoon and as it is raining my husband is watching the TV.But not the sports, oh no. It's STILL the Jubillee. No. More. Royal. Family. Argggg.

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