Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wooly Wednesday AKA Crimes against Fashion

Here the leaves are turning to rainbow colours, children are back at school and there is a definate nip in the air mornings. So my thoughts are returning to knitting as you will see from the previous post, and I have been rummaging through the knitting patterns and books that I have hoarded/been given (my collection has got to that stage now where I no longer have to seek them out, they come to me!). 

So I thought that I would reprise my previous knitting pattern wednesday bonanza, although I have renamed it as most of the time I cannot provide the pattern. Ever since I was sternly unbraided on Ravelry by some self-appointed copyright watcher I have been a bit nervous about providing the patterns - OK they are all at least 40 years old AND usually from magazines long since forgotten but heck lets all get paranoid about prosecution. Really now, I'm sure that all the file sharers of forthcoming films and music are far more the focus of the police than some lady who occasionally posts up defunct knitting patterns from the last century but I suppose someone somewhere might be losing money from my actions so I better stop. 

I will instead merely post up the accompanying photographs which of course are completely not bound by copyright of any sort (pretends confusion). These have a theme: they come from the same 'Keynote Baby Book' and all show why you should not put children in an all-wool, one colour outfit. These children would be older than me now. I hope they were not permanently scarred by this experience. Particularly this first chap:

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