Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Well the new term has begun and although we were doing well on the shiny new shoes front, this morning I was reminded of the harsh reality otherwise known as 'getting everyone out of the front door'. Luckily I had remembered to pack her a decent lunch in her (shiny, new) lunchbox.

But the boredom of the sandwich maker has struck my heart almost immediately and after only two lunchbox constructions I have turned to my favourite lunch inspiration blog Lunch in a Box. Warning: only go here if you actually want to feel ashamed about the boringness of your childs lunch - this woman does not make cheese sandwiches 5 days in a row. Nor does she make a loaf of sandwiches, freeze them and them slap them out with a yawn. Having said that I know that if I put sauteed mushrooms in my child's lunch they would return untouched! Perhaps I have ruined her palette with my crappy bag of Pom Bear lunches. 

Here for information is an example of the art of bento, which I am sure I don't have time to do! But I love it...

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