Monday, 13 June 2011

Loving the Dump!

No, I am not referring to my house this time. Went down to the dump and found the glorious 'dump shop' where they sell on all the bits of furniture and what-not that is halfway sound. I may have found my next obsession. Managed to disgust my husband by rummaging for ages in a large vat of stained and ripped textile items ('Anything 50p') but my tenacity paid off and I found a large hand embroidered tablecloth. It is ripped and cut in several places but as soon as I saw the embroidery my sad little mind was thinking 'Christmas'. I already have a range of Swiss inspired decorations in mind, mainly due to the fact that I was given some adorable swiss ribbon recently. The little black and red hearts here will look very sweet on hanging heart tree decorations, methinks. But I will probably wait a few months to do this. Panic not, I'm pretty sure that it is still too early for Christmas making. Or is it?

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