Thursday, 28 April 2011

A wedding hat

One of the reasons why I never seem to blog about actual things I have actually made is that I spend a lot of time doing random stuff  - school fancy dress costumes, cooking chickens for visits by relatives (had 11 people over on Sunday - that's a lot of chicken) - and attempting new prototyes for things I might sell. As I have not sold anything for AGES I feel that I have carte blanche to keep trying new things. So here are some sneeky peeks into what I am currently dabbling in.

But first I unveil the masterpiece (scoff) that is my daughters entry into the school 'Royal Wedding Hat' competition today. OK they were supposed to do it themselves but I guarantee you none of the hats I saw were child created. How many 5 year olds do you know who could make a 3ft papier mache top hat covered in Union Jacks? Competitive Mummy Syndrome kicked in although I did get her to cut out the bunting herself (after I had drawn triangles onto the fabric for her, naturally). She designed it. I just sewed it all on.

Proud and a little bemused

 So onto the pathetic attempt to persuade you I am actually managing productivity with a baby crawling all over me.

Lilac Pinwheels - A stack of really pretty fabrics waiting to be a quilt aswell. I consider making this pile part of the work!!!

Mermaid Baby - I have a real urge (why) to make some little mermaid toys but am trying to create something a little different that will kind of sit well with the whales I have already got. It's not perfect yet, it's missing something. Any ideas?
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