Monday, 18 April 2011

Last minute Easter - Chocolate Lollies

If you are looking for a delicious - and easy - no bake Easter thingamabob to do with your children this Easter, can I please share with you my recent foray into chocolate lollies. I am sure that there are many other tutorials out there done by stylistically advanced persons who can manage - evenness - beauty - symmettry. But hey, I did these in 15 minutes with a 5 year old and a 1 year old. I dare say that older children could make these completely alone (provided they are old enough to work with melting choc!! Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what disastrous mess ensues from that). Caution: for health and safety reasons I feel I must add - be really careful if you are using boiling water! and with that hot melted choccy. Mmmmm.

You need: 
Tasty chocolate - milk, plain or white according to preference.
Lolly sticks - I used 6 per 150g of chocolate. 
Selection of sprinkles
Clingfilm or a silicon baking sheet
Flat baking tray

First melt the chocolate. I use this ancient technique of putting a bowl on top of a pan of water then heating the water until the choccie melts. I am told that you can melt chocolate in a microwave - but I don't hold with that kind of witchcraft.  

Prepare the baking tray by layering clingfilm or a non-stick baking sheet onto it. Spoon out the chocolate, using the back of the spoon to make thick patches of choc (I tried to achieve egg shapes). While the chocolate is still wet, lay the lolly stick on it (at least 1/3 of stick should be covered) and move it slightly to ensure it's embedded in the choc. 

Hurrying up in case the chocolate dries (! I did this with small children remember) decorate each lolly. Then place the completed tray of lollies in the fridge. They're done as soon as they're cold and hard. Lovely. Look how cute they look, and authentically child engineered. They'd be nice for parties too. I had no problem with the cleaning up either. 

Enjoy xx

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