Friday, 1 April 2011

Folksy Friday - Babbits

Everytime I look out of my window at the moment it seems there is a happy bunny family out there eating all my sprouting plants. This puts me in a dilemma as I dearly love those little baby rabbits, but I also want a half decent garden that is not 100% nibbled. Sigh. I have just banged on the window to startle them off, and will have to content myself looking at some Folksy rabbits instead. 

From Left to Right:

Rabbit with Daisy by Fifi Baker
Rabbit Doorstop by Mia Design
Bunny in a Bag by Sew What Next?
Easter Bunny in a box by Northfield Primitives
White Rabbit Ears by Bang Bang Crash
Blue Tweed Bunny Purse by The Linen Cat

Lilac Rabbit Brooch by Meeeeeeee
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