Thursday, 10 February 2011

Pattern Wednesday - Look on the Bright Side Tank Top

OK OK I know that there is a basic error in the title: it is not Wednesday! But I just got around to posting this today. I am on a kind of 12 hour time lag at the moment. If you could see my house you would realise that the disorganisation is not just blog related.

Here we have a simply 'lovely' men's tank top in what the magazine claims is an easy cheat for Fairisle, making a several colour sweater but only two colours at a time. "Cunning". Shame it makes you look like you have stolen a blanket from the Peruvian Musicians in the High Street and cut it up to make a tank top. The styling in this photoshoot is adorably romantic/camp. I love their unkempt hair. And this must be the last recorded sight of a full beard on a male model. Enjoy.

UPDATE! I have now suceeded in saving the file in an acceptable format so now you can view the whole pattern including the chart for the tank in the large picture here

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