Thursday, 13 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Dinosaurs Rule!

OK all this week I have been posting on the wrong days, but what can I say? I am trying to be organised but almost not doing it correctly. So in the same vein we have a Folksy Friday, on Thursday. Doh!

I, and my little daughter too, love dinosaurs! And I make a few too, which you can find in my Folksy shop. This one is Rainbow who is a little dotty............
Anyway, here are a few other dotty dinos from Folksyland, that have caught my beady eye.

1. Hobbysaurus by Sue2
2. Ceramic Personalised Decoration by Dotty Pottery
3. Dinosaur notepad by She Draws
4. Faux Dinosaur Scarf by Freshmade
5. Steggie by Molly Moo and Jessica too
6. Baby Stanley by Pink Tree Studio
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