Thursday, 16 December 2010

Nervously go I to the Craft Fair

As I have had an epic FAIL as regards getting stalls for any of the larger fairs I applied to this year, I am in the ridiculous position of doing my first Christmas season stall on the 18th December. Hopefully people will still want Christmas Decorations, and anyway, what a good time to be selling my last few off. As it is, I am in two minds about making many more for the sale itself, I know that the last thing you want is to run out of stock early, but neither do I want to be stuck with lots of out-of-season merch. Because lets face it, online sales of Christmas items are not going to carry on for many more days!  I guess my only alternative is to get upstairs and make some enduring classics for gifts and the like.

My best seller, on Folksy and in the little stalls I do at toddler group are my fleece cuddly dinosaurs, the wonkier they are the more people seem to love them. I have done so well with local commissions this year on the dinosaurs, both large and small, that I can only hope that their appeal will endure after Christmas, as I do like making them!

Happy Fleece Dinosaur Chewies

This is my prototype for a friend who wanted a Triceratops doll.
He turned out so cute, I am making her a blue one for her son, this one can stay mine! 
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